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one of us. Legal problems can trap anyone and this is where qualifies assistance of
professionals is vital. FSG is a company that positions itself as an accurate, reliable
and qualified partner, endowed with many advantages enabling the company to
produce best possible result
FSG offers customers qualified legal services including civil and administrative field
cases. The team of professionals with experience and professional background
provide individuals and legal entities legal consulting services.
Therefore FSG lawyers have experience with a variety of legal matters and claims,
they tailor their approach and strategy in line with their clients' needs. They seek to
develop relationships with clients to understand their particular needs and deliver
quality services.
Fully equipped to handle a variety of legal matters, FSG cares about clients, their
families, and their business. The legal team utilizes its experience, knowledge, and
skills while working to go above and beyond in helping clients achieve their

FSG broad range of legal services incudes but not limited to the following:
Contractual law
FSG offers drafting all types of agreements related to real and movable estate. We
can help you within purchase, lease, leasing, mortgage, service and other types of
contracts. Aswell, FSG provides legal help in settling disputes arisen from

Liability law
FSG offers settling out of disputes arisen out of the obligation breach. Our team will
protect your legal interests and help you to demand a moral and material damages
to the protection of your right.

Intellectual property law
FSG offers legal service in the field of intellectual law which include registration of
trademarks, acquisition of patent and other relevant rights for inventory and other
industrial property objects.
We advise representation in court and “Sakpatenti” in order to protect your
intellectual property rights.

Family law
FSG provides legal service in family law matters, including but not limited with
drafting a wedding contract, divorce, parental rights, impairment of alimony,
protection of rights in the disputes between the spouses, helping with division of
individual and common property, representation in court etc.

Inheritance law
FSG offers full legal service in inheritance law which includes drafting and making of
a will, consulting on legal issues related to the adoption of the estate, the waiting
period to get an estate, acknowledging the person’s heir as a heir, protection heir’s
legal interests etc. We advise you representation in court and protection your
interests in case of dispute between successors.

Corporate law
FSG helps its customers to choose the company-s organizational-legal form and
corporate structure of the company. We will help you with the first registration of
entrepreneurial and legal entities (LLC, GP, LP, JSC. Cooperative), production of
reorganization process (conversion, merger, division), registration of branches,
liquidation, etc.

Tax law

FSG offers general financial and legal consultations in the field of tax law. We provide
our customers with representation with tax authorities and courts. We can help you
with drafting and making tax complaint in order to solve disputes relating to tax

Labor law
FSG provides legal service in labor law for both employers and employees. We
prepare employment contracts, consultancy agreements, and assist both employer
and employee clients in dealing with issues arising from redundancy situations or the
termination of employment. We act for both employers and employees in disputes,
for example, over terms and conditions, in unfair dismissal cases, etc.

Administrative law
FSG provides full legal assistance in administrative law matters. Our team offers you
representation in administrative and state agencies. Aswell, FSG lawyers will help
you with getting necessary licenses and permissions.

FSG legal services include but do not limited to the services listed above. We provide
our customers with legal help in any field on law. We also advise legal help in getting
permanent or temporary residence card, getting of citizenship of Georgia etc.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]