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Full Accounting services

What does full accounting service include? Performance of services. Liability, experience and insurance Advantages. Why FSGROUP.

Full accounting services includes:

  • Responsibility for accounting and tax issues.
  • Reviewing and perfecting the primary documents.
  • Production of records in the accounting program, based on the relevant primary documentation.
  • Compilation of necessary information forms for accounting and tax purposes.
  • Consideration of transactions for tax purposes.
  • Tax planning and budget reporting management.
  • Tax optimization.
  • Submission of tax declarations.
  • Submitting information to the State Statistics Service.
  • Systematic discussion of accounting and tax issues with management.
  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Participation in planning and review of new projects and operations. Project profitability and tax planning.
  • Reviewing the accounting policy of the company and participating in its adjustment.
  • Inventory planning and participation (supervision).
  • Compilation of a list of primary documents that are not electronically reflected on the tax page, review of important applicable agreements and terms of written documents.
  • Phone or online support on weekdays.
  • Forming and systematically providing detailed information necessary for management.
  • Compilation and presentation of various types of reports: with management, founders, customers, suppliers and financial institutions (banks, insurance).
  • Making comparisons with debtors and creditors.

Full accounting, chief accountant, accounting supervision.

Before considering the types of services listed above, let’s separately consider the prerequisites for the implementation of the mentioned services. All of the above services can be obtained from a certain group, which will be responsible for accounting and tax issues, as well as for submitting financial statements, arranging primary documents and preparing information for submission to third parties.

As with all other types of services, the responsibility here is huge. We do not avoid responsibility. It often happens that, there is no such distinction about who performs which duty and who bears which responsibility between the customer and the contractor. During the agreement, we should not miss these important issues. In case of different fields, we find different gaps. In particular, it should be clear what part of the operations in the production process are the responsibility of other employees and what the accountant(s) are responsible for. Where does the line of duty draw?

What should the customer and contractor pay attention to when receiving any kind of accounting service?

For example, companies that own inventories, construction or raw material processing companies, (goods) manufacturing companies often have mixed functions as to who should take control and who is responsible for the moderate consumption of material stocks. In the process of construction or production, the company that provides accounting services should conduct a test in connection with the above-mentioned issues, whether the process of production of supplies is running correctly, because only knowledge of construction norms is not enough to manage the situation. Responsibilities should be separated – in case of construction, the engineer should determine the regularity of spending supplies or labor resources, and in the case of production, the technologist should do the same.

As soon as the work starts, the accounting company or the accountant should conduct a test, whether the relevant employees are aware of the responsibility for the spending norms and whether the test is carried out by the customer himself. We need to make sure how complete, timely and systematic the testing is, also request test results and attend and observe periodically.

Let’s talk about companies that do not have inventories. Companies in different fields have different flaws. For example, in the field of service, it often happens that the start/end dates of customer service are inaccurate, or at least omitted. For companies dealing in perishable goods, the control of the shelf life of the goods remains unobserved. Above all, before the accountant or the accounting team starts work, he should make an inquiry and get a reasoned answer as to who is the person responsible for these matters. As a result of testing, it should be investigated whether the mentioned person fulfills his duty or not.

Responsibility for putting primary documents in order.

It is important that the primary documents are completely prepared, which means putting the documents in order with the customers, suppliers and employees of the company, exchanging information, both with the third party and with the management and founders of the company.

The primary documents should be located or stored in such a way that as little time as possible is lost in retrieving them and determining their contents. FSGROUP uses modern tools and programs to create such conditions.

Information exchange.

It is important to exchange information both within the company and employees, and with customers, suppliers, and third parties. FSGROUP takes responsibility to organize information exchange systems, make and implement changes to improve the company’s structure.

It is after a detailed discussion of the above-mentioned issues that we can judge how far it is possible for a group of accountants (accounting company) to take responsibility for these issues. If the above-mentioned issues are not taken into account by the company’s management, the accountant is obliged not only to warn and report about the expected undesirable results, but also to refuse to perform such work in some cases.

]Why choose FSGROUP?

  • FSGROUP distinguishes itself through a rich legacy of 19 years in the industry, underscored by a leadership team with a minimum of 10 years of experience in employee management. It is a prerequisite for FSGROUP professionals tasked with managing your services to have dedicated over a decade to our firm exclusively. Are you in search of a reputable consulting-auditing firm in Georgia characterized by a stable workforce, where 80% are permanent employees and the majority have tenured over 10 years? FSGROUP is your ideal partner.
  • We are deeply committed to the retention and professional growth of our employees, believing that a content and skilled workforce is pivotal to providing superior service.
  • Our approach to leveraging cutting-edge technology benefits not just our internal operations but extends to our client engagements. We implement modern technological solutions to enhance information exchange, elevate the quality and security of data, and optimize operational efficiency. Such technologies are adopted only after thorough vetting to ensure their significant benefits over existing tools.
  • Choosing FSGROUP means partnering with a firm that is not only invested in its own people and technological advancement but is equally dedicated to the success and satisfaction of its clients.
  • We provide comprehensive professional indemnity insurance for individuals and specific project coverage through established insurers, demonstrating our commitment to risk management and client confidence.
  • A significant portion of our operating budget, 75% to be precise, is allocated to the compensation, continuous education, and technological empowerment of our employees. This investment reflects our commitment to maintaining a highly skilled and technologically advanced workforce.
  • FSGROUP assumes direct responsibility for any potential losses attributed to our services, standing by our commitment to quality and client satisfaction without reliance on third-party insurers.
  • Our philosophy extends beyond service delivery to fostering client growth and encouraging open dialogue. We ensure that service contracts are accompanied by meticulous descriptions of the intended work, engage in transparent discussions regarding contract terms, and provide clear, ongoing explanations throughout our service delivery.
  • Transparency is the hallmark of our client interactions, ensuring that all aspects of our work are conducted with clarity, integrity, and in the best interest of our clients.