Comprehensive Services

For those who wish to start working correctly from the outset or need professional assistance in troubleshooting, the following specialists are required:

  1. Selection and integration of the auditor with the client.
  2. Selection and development of a program for systematic and one-time reporting. Program implementation for comprehensive information processing. Processing and collection of desired information for management.
  3. Establishment of company structure, full functionality. Writing of job descriptions for employees.
  4. Internal information processing and exchange for the company’s internal regulations and amendments.
  5. Complex legal compliance: for legal, accounting, and tax purposes.
  6. Preparation of financial statements periodically.
  7. Preparation of financial statements. Preparation of company audits for legal and tax verification. Responsibility for preparation of legal, tax, and reporting documentation.
  8. Preparation of information (reporting). Explanation of financial statements for owners and other users.
  9. Formation of a budget. Supervision of budget completion.
  10. Financial analysis of the company.
  11. Recommendations on decision-making.
  12. In an existing project, determining what the user chooses, FSGROUP provides the involvement of the following specialists: tax consultant, auditor, financial analyst, and management specialist.


FSGROUP – Consulting. Services for startups. Services for startup companies and for those who start business activities in Georgia.

  1. Legal advice when starting a company, selection of the legal form of the company.
  2. Examination and information on legal issues existing in the sphere.
  3. Preparation of internal legal documents of the company. Compilation of internal documents of the company’s establishment. Preparation of internal regulations. Drawing up employment contracts and written agreements with employees.
  4. Creation of necessary written forms with clients.
  5. Development of the company’s structure. Writing of work tasks and exchange of information between internal regulations. Preparation of primary documents for changing information between internal regulations, as well as bringing information exchange to automatic mode. Assistance in optimizing electronic systems to minimize errors.
  6. Verification of subsequent information systems.
  7. Accounting services. Preparation and presentation of tax and statutory issues. Legal representation and representation.
  8. Also, the services designated in the statute as: “For those who want to start work correctly from the beginning or need help in solving problems.”
  9. In the existing project, depending on what the user chooses, FSGROUP ensures the involvement of the following specialists: lawyer, tax consultant, accountant, financial analyst, and management specialist.


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