Consulting Services Offered by FSGROUP CONSULTING

FSG will assist you in reaching your goals with Financial Planning, Financial and Management Solutions designed to make your business more effective.

საკონსულტაციო მომსახურება
      1. Business Process Planning and Optimization
      • Establishing effective organizational structures, roles, and alignments with strategic business priorities.
      • Evaluating existing technological tools to ensure an efficient decision-making process.
      • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement and aligning HR skills with appropriate roles.
      • Enhancing productivity and reducing costs through organizational transformation in line with market trends.
      • Analyzing the operational model of each department to develop a transformation plan aimed at creating additional value.
      • Balancing organizational stability and dynamism for swift and effective implementation of strategic initiatives.
      1. Production Process Optimization
      • Conducting research on production capabilities and optimizing profitability.
      • Tailoring production costs to the demand for the company’s products and managing inventory effectively.
      • Streamlining production processes and planning for necessary resources.
      • Analyzing cost variances and project profitability to optimize resource allocation.
      • Revamping administration and labor resource management within the sector.
      • Evaluating management software to identify essential functionalities.
      • Creating an optimized portfolio of products that are commercially and operationally viable.
      • Developing and executing operational strategies to enhance productivity through an interdisciplinary approach, integrating insights from commercial, marketing, digital IT, and product design sectors.
      • Overhauling manufacturing and supply chain operations with digital analytics.
      • Leveraging digital diagnostics to improve efficiency and productivity across key organizational processes.
      • Enhancing asset productivity through data analytics and adapting manufacturing capabilities to digital competition.
      • Ensuring customer satisfaction by aligning product lifecycle and supply chain services with quality standards.
      • Maximizing supply chain efficiency with digital tools and analytics to optimize demand forecasting, inventory costs, and sales.
      1. Organizational Structure and Function Differentiation
      • Designing and revising the company’s structural organization.
      • Defining the roles and responsibilities of members and employees.
      • Facilitating information exchange within the organization.
      • Establishing and organizing primary documents and communication tools.
      1. Software and Implementation Support
      • Reviewing existing software functionalities and providing troubleshooting support.
      • Assisting in the selection and implementation of software solutions to streamline managerial, accounting, and tax processes.
      • Setting software objectives and enhancing functionalities.
      1. Budget Compilation
      • Reviewing the company’s data collection system for budget preparation.
      • Completing necessary records for budgeting purposes.
      • Processing information and conducting periodic reviews to generate relevant data.
      • Discussing budget outcomes and implications.
      1. Investment and Loan Acquisition Planning
      • Providing advice on the benefits of loans versus investments based on the company’s current and future conditions.
      • Preparing the company for loan acquisition.
      • Preparing the company for investment reception.
      1. Investment Consultation
      • Evaluating investment projects using forecast data.
      • Assessing investment efficiency and aligning with investor expectations.
      • Conducting industry-specific investment valuations.

      Complex Services

      These services represent a comprehensive approach combining the expertise of FSGROUP’s diverse consultants and specialists in various fields.

      1. Preparing the Company for Sale
      • Conducting financial and tax audits.
      • Resolving legal issues.
      • Determining the company’s valuation.
      • Presenting the company to potential buyers.

      FSGROUP CONSULTING is dedicated to providing tailored consulting services that meet the specific needs of our clients, leveraging our extensive expertise across various domains to ensure optimal outcomes.


      1. Corporate Restructuring: Merger, Division, Separation, and Liquidation
      • Objective Overview: This entails the strategic consolidation or division of company entities through mergers, divisions, separations, and liquidations.
      • Outcome Forecasting:
        • Profitability and Efficiency Analysis: Evaluating the impact of these actions on both short-term and long-term efficiency and profitability.
        • Cost Management: Estimating the financial outlay required for the restructuring process.
      • Regulatory and Compliance Investigation:
        • Legal, Tax, and Accounting Scrutiny: Conducting thorough examinations of the legal, taxation, and accounting implications associated with these operations, and ensuring that the findings are effectively communicated to both management and company founders.
      • Financial Obligations Assessment:
        • Claims and Liabilities Evaluation: Analyzing the claims and liabilities that arise as a result of restructuring, including the assessment of potential contingent claims and liabilities.
      • Preparatory Measures:
        • Comprehensive Preparation: Facilitating the readiness of companies for these processes, which includes ensuring compliance and strategic alignment across legal, accounting, and taxation dimensions.
      • Decision-Making Support:
        • Guidance Throughout: Offering decision-making support at each stage of the restructuring process to ensure strategic objectives are met and potential risks are managed effectively.

      This framework is designed to ensure a holistic approach to corporate restructuring, balancing strategic goals with financial efficiency, legal compliance, and operational readiness.


]Why choose FSGROUP?

  • FSGROUP distinguishes itself through a rich legacy of 19 years in the industry, underscored by a leadership team with a minimum of 10 years of experience in employee management. It is a prerequisite for FSGROUP professionals tasked with managing your services to have dedicated over a decade to our firm exclusively. Are you in search of a reputable consulting-auditing firm in Georgia characterized by a stable workforce, where 80% are permanent employees and the majority have tenured over 10 years? FSGROUP is your ideal partner.
  • We are deeply committed to the retention and professional growth of our employees, believing that a content and skilled workforce is pivotal to providing superior service.
  • Our approach to leveraging cutting-edge technology benefits not just our internal operations but extends to our client engagements. We implement modern technological solutions to enhance information exchange, elevate the quality and security of data, and optimize operational efficiency. Such technologies are adopted only after thorough vetting to ensure their significant benefits over existing tools.
  • Choosing FSGROUP means partnering with a firm that is not only invested in its own people and technological advancement but is equally dedicated to the success and satisfaction of its clients.
  • We provide comprehensive professional indemnity insurance for individuals and specific project coverage through established insurers, demonstrating our commitment to risk management and client confidence.
  • A significant portion of our operating budget, 75% to be precise, is allocated to the compensation, continuous education, and technological empowerment of our employees. This investment reflects our commitment to maintaining a highly skilled and technologically advanced workforce.
  • FSGROUP assumes direct responsibility for any potential losses attributed to our services, standing by our commitment to quality and client satisfaction without reliance on third-party insurers.
  • Our philosophy extends beyond service delivery to fostering client growth and encouraging open dialogue. We ensure that service contracts are accompanied by meticulous descriptions of the intended work, engage in transparent discussions regarding contract terms, and provide clear, ongoing explanations throughout our service delivery.
  • Transparency is the hallmark of our client interactions, ensuring that all aspects of our work are conducted with clarity, integrity, and in the best interest of our clients.