Who can register as a small business in Georgia

Small business


Dendrology, greening

Design activities

Trade to order or via the internet

Web services, audio video services

Processing and production of fish, crustaceans and shellfish

Furniture repair

Child care activities

Manufacture of cotton/pocket ice cream/popcorn

Printing activities

Education in field of culture/art

Education in field of sports and recreation

Organization of entertainment/sports/leisure

Funeral and related activities

Cleaning activities

Veterinary activity

Preparation of cadastral surveying/planning drawings (expect architectural activities)

Hotel (including family hotel)

Body painting (except tattooing)

Astrological and spiritual activities

Professional, scientific and technical activities (except consulting activities)

Goods packing/repacking services

Other information service activities

Cargo loading-unloading service

Restroom service

Organization of events

Production and/or sale of non-excise beverages

Sewing/knitting (including alterations)

Shipping services, including international shipping that does not require a license/permit

Short-term lending of personal consumption and household inventory

Furniture production

Installation of plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems

Acceptance and sale of scrap/waste

Marketing activity

Technical research of automobiles

Other sports activities that do not require a license/permit

Washing and processing of linen and other textile products

Production, repair and maintenance of tools and equipment

Production of doors and windows

Charging cartridges

Catering facility

Processing and production of food products

Production of food products

Egg production

Repair of computers and peripheral devices

Computer and copier services

Computer programming and related activities

Metal stamping

Gardening, growing flowers, making bouquets

Trade in second-hand goods

Poultry farming


Animal husbandry

Translation (written and oral) activities

Glass production

Caregiver/assistant activities

Production/repair of musical instruments

Production of goods to be used in construction

Production of products from concrete, plaster and cement

Production of plastic construction products

Sales of products and finding clients

Manufacture of watches

Binding and related services

Wholesale trade

Distribution services

Repair of communication devices

Production of confectionery and cakes

Production of household utensils and inventory

Advertising activity

Repair of household objects and devices

Production of household, hygienic and care products


Agricultural and heavy equipment services

Cultivation and sale of agricultural products

Production of spices and condiments

Fast registration machine service

Manufacture/repair of various devices, instruments and machines

Textile production

Transport services

Tourism activities

Repair of shoes and leather goods

Stone processing and finishing

Ice production


Mixed agriculture

Making tea, coffee, fruit and juices

Baking (except clay oven)

Animal care activities

Production of carpets

Manufacture of mechanized hand tools

Manufacture and sale of handmade accessories

Production of artificial jewelry and related products

Processing and canning of fruits and vegetables (dried)

Supply of various wood products

Wooden handle and products manufacturing

Sound recording and music recording publishing activities

Artistic creation

Activities of a teacher/trainer

Production of rubber products

Repair of watches and jewelry

Carpentry and painting activities

Courier service

Production of construction products

Grinding service

Production of household, agricultural and decorative goods, tools

Footwear production

Photographic activities

Trade in mixed goods

Production of brooms and brushes

Production of jewelry and related products

Intermediate activity

Electrical, construction, installation and repair works

Conducting physical, chemical and other analytical tests of all types of materials and products

Parking service

Surrogacy and donation

Office administrative and other business support activities

Dismantling and taking over buildings

Electrical and installation works

Engineering (except architectural activities) and geological services

Basic technological processes of machine building

Laser hair removal services (expect medical services)

Motion picture, video and television program production sound and music publishing activities

Teaching professional activities

Production of medical and dental instruments and products

Hygienic procedure service (mexico service)

Food and beverage service

Service and repair of recreational and sports goods

Publication of books and other publishing activities


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