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  • Property Appraisal is an important basis for decision-making. These decisions are linked to property purchase and sale operations, company mergers, share valuation, etc.In the last 20 years, Georgia’s business environment development set demand for Appraisal services. In the last 5-6 years, Quality for Appraisal Services has increased as a result of high demand.

    Appraisal services are connected to consulting and audit services.

    Financial Solutions Group provides these services since establishment. The company keeps a close eye on Appraisal service developments and news.

    This department as well as other FSG service lines is led by a group of professionals with over 7 years’ experience at the company.

    Other professionals (lawyers, auditors) participate in appraisal process if necessary.


    Main FSG Appraisal Services directions:

    • Determining the financial value of a business
    • Determining the financial value of the enterprise
    • Real estate appraisal
    • Appraisal of movable property