FSG supports employee development and social security. The company tries to attract stable staff, but is ready to employee anyone interested in any profession within the range of FSG services for a shorter period of time.

In the process of staff selection and interviews, the honesty is most valued. This means sharing real goals and professional development expectations with a potential employer.

During candidate selection, employees with clearly defined vision and goals are preferred.

For recommendations employee has to have a minimum 3 years’ working experience at FSG.

Our company is proud of its highly qualified, stable employees and supports their professional development.

FSG employees not only support each other but those who turn to the company for advice on job hunt and professional development.


FSG follows these steps while hiring a candidate:

  • Announcing a vacancy.
  • Review of received CVs of the candidates
  • Interview – Discussion of the results of the interview
  • Written test and review of test results
  • Introducing the internal regulations for the selected candidates

IF you are interested in joining FSG team please, follow these steps:

  • The candidate must submit a CV if the company has announced a vacancy;  
  • The candidate must review the terms of the vacancy and understand whether they meet the requirements listed in the announced vacancy;  
  • Get acquainted with the company’s website, in particular, what services (products) the company offers; 
  • Prepare for the interview: Introduce yourself, visions and goals, in particular your vision for your own professional development;
  • Share your expectations from working in the company with potential employer;
  • Review written test sample and prepare for the written test;
  • Pass written test;
  • In case of passing of these steps, get acquainted with the internal regulations of the company and state whether they agree with the rules and conditions of the company.