Advisory service

Substantiated advice by experienced and qualified specialists are of crucial importance for taking optimal business decisions and directing your business activities in valuable direction.

Advisory service comprises an exploration of managerial and financial issues of a company and a provision of due advices.


Consultation on Company Management


  • Preparation of a beginner company for management;
  • Preparation of the company’s new business direction and its management;
  • Full management of a company, as well as partly or temporary engagement in management;
  • Consultations for attaining optimal results in decision-making process.
  • Shaping in-house control systems;
  • Supervision over the existing in-house control systems and eradication of shortcomings;
  • Shaping the company structure, distribution of functions and rights and duties due to the structure. Optimization of information exchange between internal chains. Improvement of communication mechanisms, creating and shaping of primary documents for internal turnover.
  • Arranging internal procedures. Discussion of the existing internal procedures. Supervision for exposing errors in internal procedures and their eradication.


Consulting on Financial Issues


  • Assessment of the company’s financial conditions.
  • Appraisal of a project’s financial effect.
  • Financial management of a company, supervision and control over the company;
  • Drawing up a company budget. Drawing up a project budget;
  • Supervision over the determined budget, control, examination of reasons of appraisal of inclinations. Periodical updating of the budget;



Consultations on Investments and Attracting Credits

Consultations on Investments


  • Delivery of information about the company condition to an investor (informing an investor about the company state);
  • Appraisal of the coming (planned) investment;
  • Definition of top and bottom margins of investments;
  • Forecast of investments effect, Identification of Return from investments.


Consultations on Taking Credits and Loans


  • Identification of necessity and need of taking a credit (or a loan);
  • Determination of top amount of a credit (or a loan);
  • Calculation of a credit’s financial effect;
  • Appraisal of a credit’s payment schedule and solvency;
  • Appraisal of credit or loan conditions. Choosing an optimal option.
  • Collecting the company’s financial documents and all necessary information for obtaining a credit.
  • Renewal of credit resources;
  • Consultations and immediate engagement in the process of agreement with credit institutions;


Credit or Investment?


  • Identification of advantages of investments and credits;
  • Identification of synthetic correlation of investments and credits for a company development.


Consultations – Purchase and Sales of a Company


  • Corporate appraisal for a buyer and a seller;
  • Preparation of company for sales;
  • Corporate appraisal due to business and its own property; Identification of the company’s market and liquidation price. Identification of the verge of capabilities. Identification of the value of a company, based on comparison to other companies in the same or other fields. Appraisal of the existing state and appraisal due to the future development;
  • Identification of advantages of business directions and fields;
  • Preparing a plan for company operation and development;
  • Constant control on changes in the development plan.
  • Drawing up a budget for the company revenues and expenditures;
  • Drawing up a schedule for inflow and outflow of financial resources;
  • Appraisal of differences between the planed and real indicators and identification of reasons;
  • Creating forecast charts for sales and purchases.



Managerial Records:


  • Preparation of information for taking target decisions;
  • Analysis of expenditures: analysis of fixed and floating charges;
  • Identification of ratio of profits due to income centers (facilities);
  • Optimization of reallocation of extra charges;
  • Full calculation of expenditures;
  • Planning reserves;
  • Planning Production
  • Identification of phases of production, including unfinished production – optimization of production process.
  • Analysis of incomes and expenditures with the aim to disclose unemployed capacities;
  • Exploration of inclination of prices of raw materials.
  • Determination of method for calculation of product’s prime cost;
  • Optimization of pricing;
  • exploration of losses and excess losses;
  • Identification of optimal mechanisms for products supply and sequence of supply.


Arranging Warehouse Complex:


  • Determination of functions and rights and duties at warehouse complex;
  • Keeping documentation for registration of in-house reserves;
  • Planning the flow of reserves. Planning the order volume. Planning of an application for purchasing reserves;
  • Optimization of expenditures for purchasing and storing reserves;
  • Creating order book for reserves.


Introduction of Information Technologies


  • Introduction of management, recollection and bookkeeping software, their integration.
  • Analysis of the software potential, eradication of errors and shaping specific instructions for their improvement. Shaping tasks for integration of software and softwares.


The company is experienced in management of companies in various fields. We assign specialists due to peculiarities of fields if necessary.

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